Introducing Rebekah Krejci

Rebekah Krejci is the newest and youngest member of the Academy team, serving as an Administrative Assistant. Despite her youth, Krejci, a Champaign, IL, native, brings a world of knowledge, talent, and enthusiasm to her job. Krejci’s knowledge stems from the emphasis placed on education growing up. Currently, she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in biology with a concentration in pre-medical studies. With an eye toward being a surgeon, Krejci plans on attending medical school following the completion of her undergraduate studies. 

When not helping keep the Academy sailing smoothly, Krejci enjoys singing in choirs and performing with theatre companies in the Champaign County area and is a classically trained dancer. She also enjoys yoga and reading mystery novels. With an eye toward altruism, Krejci participates in a national virology research project and tutoring fellow college students in scientific writing skills.

At the Academy, Krejci performs a number of duties including assisting the Director of Academy Exams, Michelle Potenberg, daily and managing the Academy’s digital presence on a number of social media platforms.

Of her position at the Academy, Krejci says, “I’ve really enjoyed learning about the inner workings of the fire sprinkler industry, and I love the atmosphere in the office here.... My co-workers are all such positive, encouraging people and at the end of the day I leave the office feeling uplifted and optimistic.”

Yet, Krejci’s work is not without its difficulties. Humorously she notes, “So far, one of the greatest challenges has been dealing with the postal service. When managing all the packages and such that are sent from the Academy, I am often reminded of the grim reality that ‘two-day shipping’ is sometimes more of a pipe dream than a guarantee.” Krejci, however, handles this and other challenges in stride with a positive attitude. She explains, “I’m proud of who we are and what we do here at the Academy and I always relish the opportunity to tell people about it.”