From the Director, February 2017

Hello from the Academy Exams office!

Just so that everyone is up to date, I am posting the Academy Exams policy regarding recertification again. Also, we have added some new exam dates, which you can see below in the calendar of events. 

The Academy Exams program started 2017 off with some policy changes to our recertification process. In an effort to better serve our certified inspectors and provide service that better mirrors the industry, we've altered our certification statuses.

We now  recognize two certification statuses:

Active - current to expiration date
Expired - one day past expiration date and beyond

Because an inspector's certification status is dependent on his/her certification expiration date, inspectors need to be aware of that date. We provide electronic and written documentation of an inspector's current expiration date when an individual passes our exam or recertifies with us:
                  -an email notification of passing score or successful recertification
                  -a hard copy of the results or recertification letter
                  -a stamped and signed certificate
                  -a wallet card

In addition to these documents, we will do our best to remind our Academy certified inspectors of upcoming expiration dates--emails as their date approaches and passes--but ultimately, each inspector is responsible for his/her own certification requirements.

This flow chart depicts how an Academy Certification Status progresses over time.


Once a certification expiration date has passed, that certification is considered "Expired"; however, there are still opportunities for an inspector to recertify! As you can see, an inspector has up to a full year past his/her expiration date to recertify (with additional fees) before losing his/her certification and needing to register and test again.

We've extended these new parameters not only to those with Current certifications, but also to those whose certifications expired between August and December of 2016.

The fees for recertification are listed below.

The new recertification policy has been implemented and we've already recertified individuals whose certifications would have been considered expired under the oldpolicy--the system seems to be much clearer and is working well. We're excited to see how certification renewals will be affected by these changes.

If you have any questions about our new policy, we'd love to hear from you. Feedback always helps us improve our service, and we welcome it!