Greetings from the Academy, February 2017

Spring!  Almost.  As the seasons change and the weather becomes friendlier to my old bones, I am in wonder of the changing world around me.  For the Academy, the new season brings travel.  Before Spring is over, we’ll be in Baltimore (twice), San Diego, Las Vegas, Boston and Raleigh.  In that time, we will be working with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the National Fire Sprinkler Association (NFSA), and the California Fire Prevention Institute (CFPI). Check out the Coming Events section of this newsletter for info on each location.     

I am so proud that we can introduce you to a member of the Academy Team in each of these early editions of Inside the Academy.  I feel privileged to work with the people on our team.  Every single day, I am reminded of the great experience these people make my life.  This month we introduce Michelle Potenberg.  She is the motivational leader of our team.  Her honesty and hard work make all of us want to be better.  As our team has fought to build the Academy, she would often look us all in the eyes and with some intensity say, “Forward Progress Always!”  For nearly a decade, we have repeated that phrase to each other many, many times.  

Michelle is the inspiration behind, and will be a strong leader in, our leadership training initiative.  Keep your eyes open for opportunities to grow professionally and personally as this offering rolls out over the next few months. (You know….. since we don’t already have enough going on….)  

I do hope you’ll be a part of our efforts to live up to the Academy motto: “Learning, Leading and Lasting”.  We hope to be of service to you as we work together to better our industry.  Let us know what you think.  You just might end up on our homepage!