From the Director, December 2016

Hello, from the Academy Exams office!

Academy Exams is getting ready to hold our 40th exam event, coming up in Miami on January 20th--and there's still time to register! We're so excited to be providing such an important service to a vital industry, and we're proud that we're becoming a preferred choice for certification in the great state of Florida.

As a small organization, we strive to offer the best personal service we can to our clients. We've made it our goal as a team to respond to every phone call or email message by no later than the end of the day we receive it.  We are even changing our phone system to better help us with this goal!

We're also moving to a set quarterly exam schedule, beginning in 2017, to better help companies and inspectors plan for their testing needs.  The quarterly exams will rotate throughout the state to offer opportunities for those in all regions. Additionally, we will be sprinkling in (see what we did there?) supplementary exam events here and there at locations spanning the state. Want an exam event near you? Let us know! We want to go where we're needed. Further, we hope to add company-requested exams in the future--look for this option soon.

2017 marks other changes, as well; our Recertification Program will be getting an update, so be on the lookout for emails detailing that. Also, we'll be updating and refreshing our exam question database. It's constant movement forward here at the Academy!

Academy Exams is striving to improve our service to you! And we want to hear from you--let us know what we do well and what we can work on. Your feedback is important to us. Drop me a line at michelle@sprinkleracademy.com. And per our new communication goal, look to get a response by the end of the day you message us!

Have a very Happy New Year!

Michelle Potenberg

Director, Academy Exams